Canadian cover up not working

I found links to this and this last night on Amy Ridenour's blog. (She wrote another post on it this morning.) Which then led me to this. Apparently some Canadian bigwigs are trying to cover their butts by denying Canadian citizens access to information about said bigwigs' corruption. To that end the Canadian government is threatening to take legal action against Canadian citizens who link to or mention the US website that had the audacity to publish the report of the corruption. This is like a scene out of the novels I read in high school that featured totalitarian governments trying to control the flow of information to their citizens. Here's the post that started it all. See here for follow up posts.

Are they really going to prosecute their citizens for [gasp] reading the wrong blogs. Or for writing about the wrong things on their blogs? Could this be us if attempts by the feds to regulate what is said on blogs succeeds?

Update: Comment from a Canadian in the thick of things.

To be technically correct, the ban is to prevent tainting the jury pool for the fellow giving the testimony who also faces criminal charges. But the government which is under investigation is also the government pursuing the charges, and it seems very suspicious that they arranged for the trial to start just as the guy is giving testimony, thus creating the ban. The conflict of interest stinks. The manipulation of the rules stinks. And the choice of a publication ban as a way of protecting this guy's rights to a fair trial is just insulting -- apparently the right jury is an OJ jury made up of people who don't read, watch TV, or think.

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So this is the Canadian version of a gag order?


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