Handcuffing a kid: part 2

The more I read about the handcuffing of the five year old girl in Florida and the more I think about it the less conflicted I feel about this kid being hauled off in handcuffs. I had to go to school with kids like this little girl. They didn't know how to act. Their parents (usually just mom) didn't teach them how to behave because they didn't know how to act either. Their kids would act up in school and cause all kinds of problems and all you could get out of them was, don't touch my baby. If cops had showed up at my elementary school and hauled off the trouble makers in cuffs I would have breathed a sigh of relief that I no longer had to put up with the little tyrants.

Their behaviour was a real shock to me coming from another country. Where I had come from every teacher kept a rod or belt in plain view in the classroom. Any body who acted up got beat. If you really acted up you got sent to the headmaster or headmistress to get beat. Then when you got home you got a beating from whichever adult relative you came across first for shaming the family with your unacceptable behaviour. There was no don't touch my baby nonsense. Public school then was like being stuck in a place where the inmates ran the asylum. It is even more so now.


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