Interracial Love

Steven J. Kelso Sr. is blogging about just that at A Face Made 4 Radio. Every once in a while I think I should blog about interracial relationships seeing as I'm in one and all. However, I keep coming up against the realisation that I don't really care. I don't go through life thinking of my marriage as an interracial marriage. It's just my marriage. I certainly don't carry around pen and paper to tally up the number of interracial couples I see on TV or in movies (on the rare occasion I actually get to see a movie).

I do wonder about the racial identity of my kids though. Are they white or are they black? Will they be allowed by the society we live in to self identify as one or the other? Why can't they be both? Or something else entirely? And why is it that some will insist that they can only be black? (I am always amazed by the rainbow of colour that counts as black.) Culturally the kids are set. My mom and dad are gleefully training up their grandkids to be good Bajans (what folk from Barbados call themselves) and hubby's parents are happy to teach them all about being swamp yankees (that's what my mother-in-law said her mother-in-law said about the family's heritage).

Kids don't really care about these kinds of things until they are made to care about it by the adults around them. I suppose I'll figure something out sooner or later.


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