Pope passing

(1:37 PM EST) Fox News is reporting that the Italian news has reported that the Pope has died. No official announcement has been made yet by the Vatican.

(1:45 PM EST) I didn't think this news would make me cry but I've been tearing up off and on for the last 15 minutes. Fox News is reporting that the Vatican says his heart and brain are still functioning.

(1:59 PM EST) The singing in St. Peter's Square has been beautiful. Official word from the Vatican is that the Pope isn't gone yet but will be soon.

(2:22 PM EST) FoxNews.com story. There's a rosary service going on in the square right now.

(2:37 PM EST) Ramblings' Journal has a round up.

(2:40 PM EST) Fox News was just showing people gathered in Krakow singing outside of the Pope's old house. I recognised the melodies of some of the songs they were singing.

(2:50 PM EST) Looks like everyone is waiting for the other shoe to drop now. I'll throw some of my own reflections into the mix. John Paul II is the only Pope I have ever known. From the time I became aware of his existence when I was a child I admired his strength of faith. As I grew up and watched communist states topple one after another his support of those who resisted communist domination helped bring home to me the power of pray and the fact that God is in control of all things on earth. I'm not a Catholic and I haven't always agreed with some of the Pope's statements but that doesn't stop me from acknowledging that Pope John Paul II is a wonderful man of God. May he hear God say, well done good and faithful servant.

(11:25 PM EST) Well it seems I'll be waking tomorrow morning and asking if the Pope is dead yet.

(Blogger keeps having brain farts and won't publish posts properly. If I keep having problems I'll put updates in the comments section. 11:25 PM EST, of course Blogger's been behaving ever since I put this message up.)


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