Baby on the move

Sophia has finally figured out how to consistently crawl forward. It's been fun watching her figure it out. The boys just seemed to go from immobile to instantly mobile skipping all of the in between steps. And as if that wasn't enough she just did the monster-rising-out-of-the-sea move. You know how in the old monster movies there was always some creature slowly and ominously rising out of the churning sea? Well Sophia crawled out from under the coffee table and then pulled herself up on it rising like said monster. She had a great big, "Look at what I can do!" grin on her face. She hasn't pulled herself all the way to her feet yet though. First she was distracted by all of the things to chew on on the table. Then she was distracted by the conveniently located edge of the table. It makes a great chew toy to little gums under the assault of some sharp baby teeth.

Now we have to deal with the frustration of her learning how to get back down. The boys just plopped onto their butts and crawled on to the next activity. I don't think Sophia will find that option acceptable.


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