NPR on bias

It's been rather entertaining listening to NPR report on Kenneth Tomlinson's efforts to bring some balance to public broadcasting. (And I can't help but wonder if there might not be some conflict of interest issues as well.) Here's a link to the audio of today's report on Tomlinson's efforts. Tomlinson was on the Diane Rehm Show on Wednesday but I missed it. The audio is available here but only works with Realplayer which I don't have and won't download. Call me crazy but I think a public radio program should be accessible to any readily available media player program. Does anyone know where I can find a transcript?

When I listen to NPR I don't expect balance (whatever that may be). I do expect to get a glimpse of the world view of those who euphamistically call themselves progressives. They have an eclectic mix of stuff that often includes stories that don't get much face time on TV.


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