White House evacuation fall out already

I'm watching the White House briefing on the evacuation of the Capitol about an hour ago. These reporters are a trip! They are desperately trying to find some way to make this into a massive screw up to blame on the White House. What the? The event is all of an hour old and they are demanding minute by minute analysis about what exactly everyone who is anyone was doing? Come on! Why was there such a media feeding frenzy over this to begin with? The last thing that the people who are in charge of these kinds of things needs is reporters dissecting their every move seconds after they make it. It took less time for the news networks to get talking heads on the screen to start criticising people's actions than it took for the whole event to go down!

Now we'll be subjected to wall to wall woulda, coulda, shoulda coverage of this because the mainstream media have no imagination whatsoever and won't be able to find anything else to talk about for the rest of the day in this great big world of ours.

Update 2:04 PM EDT
Paul at Wizbang finds this whole mess as aggravating as I do.


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