New additions

Life has conspired against blogging this month so posts have been sparser than usual. Things aren't looking to ease up anytime soon. I've got a costume to finish (I gave myself a serious headache from all the sewing I've been doing), a solo to finish choreographing, a couple of TV appearances to do (I can't believe I actually volunteered to be on TV) a workshop to attend, a performance to do, all the while keeping the kids alive and relatively clean and well fed (keeping the house clean just is not going to happen). Why not check out some of these new additions to my blogroll while I'm otherwise occupied? The list (in no particular order) is a mixed bag of blogs that have been on my favourites list for a while now.

Chocolate Covered Banana
Ramble Strip
Negrophile "Born on the fourth of July, a.k.a. Juneteenth C.P.T." (heh heh)
View From the Pew
Terrorism Unveiled
Worker Bees Blog
Ravings of John C. A. Bambenek


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