Remember Darfur?

The people of Darfur in Sudan have been systematically murdered by the janjaweed, who are acting either at the behest or acquiescence of the government. Very little seems to have been done about it by the world community. The United States has used diplomatic pressure on Sudan to stop the murders and looting and to allow food to be brought in to the refugees. Unfortunately for the people of Darfur, it is not in a position to use military force in Sudan, since much of the world community thinks it is a villain for liberating Iraq. European countries have even gone so far as to resist efforts by the United States to pass resolutions condemning the murders. The United Nations, proving its ineffectiveness, wrings its hands but says the murders do not amount to genocide, just civil war. I’m sure that helps the victims sleep at night. The Europeans and the United Nations are very willing to accept Sudan’s meaningless statements that it wants to solve the problem. Other countries have done little to stop the carnage.
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