Can I tell you something. Got to tell you one thing. If you expect the freedom that you say is yours prove that you deserve it. Help us to preserve it or being free will just be words and nothing more.
Kansas, 1974

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Back to school

Yesterday I finally took the plunge. I submitted my name and info to the editor of a local homeschool network newsletter as a biology teacher/tutor. I think the idea came to me as I was rescuing one of my field guides from college from one of the kids. I realised how much I missed learning about the natural world. Teaching others will be a good way to keep all of the things I learned fresh in my mind. I've still got to work out the details but a lot of that will depend on what students I end up with. For now I'm working on putting together a curriculum. I'm open to suggestions for any who want to offer them.

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