Home home on the range

I'm in the apple at my parents' place. The kids are having quite a bit of fun with grandma and grandpa and their aunties. Lots of shouting along the lines of, "You! What are you doing? Stop that! Why you little...!" It's nice break for me because I don't have to chase the kids 24/7.

Meanwhile in the blog world. Did you know that Karl Rove is the source that leaked Valerie Plame's secret identity that wasn't all that secret? Sandra Day O'Connor is retiring from the SCOTUS. I can't wait to see the circus that will surround the choosing of her replacement. Can't you? I just that the powers that be remember that us regular folk are watching and taking notes (and blogging).

I got to go. There's only dial-up in these here parts and I've been hogging the phone line for over an hour. (But that's not entirely my fault because I had to keep getting up to stop the kids from taking off their diapers and eating things that aren't food. Motherhood is such fun!)


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