Laurance Thomas: Allah and Diversity

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The Crusades are over. Conversion by force is now considered passé. This is the very essence of the idea freedom of liberty based upon mutual respect. [SNIP]

It is my considered view that radical Islamic groups thrive in part because the West has become more than a little besotted with the idea of diversity without taking seriously that diversity is a two-way street. An alliance of diversity between you and me is not just about me respecting you. It is also about you respecting me.

It is no doubt true the West has not accorded Islam all the respect that it deserves. But this does not give Islam carte blanche. In a world of mutual respect, Islam can no more have carte blanche than Christianity or Judaism can.

The West is so concerned with avoiding the appearance of being anti-Muslim that radical Islamic groups have much more maneuvering room than they should have. Want to funnel money to an Islamic terrorist group, well call yourself a charity. Then burden of proof is now upon those who say that you are not one to prove this. Now, there are two ways to be wrong. If this isn’t fertile soil for radical Islamic groups, then I do not what is. And radical Islamic groups will not be defeated unless we shake off this state of denial.

Am I preaching hate? I think not unless, of course, you think that self-defense is a form of hate.

The radical Islamic groups are right. There is indeed a Holy War going on.[1] But that war is not between Muslim and non-Muslims. It is between radical Islamic groups and all other religious groups, be they Muslims, or Christians, or Jews. If we do not stand together and fight this war, then in ways that we cannot even begin to imagine: All hell will break out.


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