Laurance Thomas: The West versus Radical Islam

Many people think that what is fueling radical Islam are justified grievances against the West—in particular, the United States, for among things, its support of Israel. Why, the U.S. is frequently referred to as the “evil empire”. Of course, there is no point in denying that the United States has committed its share of wrongs against the Arabic world. And while we are playing this particular blame game, we might also acknowledge that France has most certainly committed its share of wrongs against the Arabic world. Why is the French language so prevalent in the Arabic world? The word “colonization” comes quickly to mind.

I suspect, though, that reality is quite different. And for those of us living in the individualistic societies of the West it is really difficult to appreciate what in fact is happening. This is especially true of those for whom the word “diversity” is tantamount to some form of biblical calling.

Grievances against the United States are, I suggest, but a pretext for what is going on. I return to this in a moment.

One of the most striking things in modern times is that the Arabic world has not in unison condemned slavery and genocide; and one would have thought the practice of slavery and genocide in the Darfur region would have left the Arabic world vulnerable to unrelenting moral criticism. What has been happening in the Darfur is morally egregious. But where is the public outcry on the part of those who are opposed to black slavery and genocide? How did it happen that such behavior on the part of whites in Africa would have whites taking to the streets in the capitals of the world, but when Muslims Arabs commit such atrocities newspapers and news programs that cannot tire of criticizing President Bush, who may deserve it for all I know, say next to nothing about the moral atrocities that Arabs are committing against blacks.

He goes on to address, among other things, black Americans and Islam.


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