London Bombings

The crack heads have struck London. I'm not surprised. I'm not appalled. I'm not devastated. This just feels like business as usual. Life will go on in spite of things like this. I just got back from New York City yesterday. We did a bit of traveling on the subways while there. At some point I thought about the possibility of a terrorist attack on the subway. I had basically had two choices. I could live in fear of what might happen constantly looking over my shoulder and being suspicious of every one and everything. Or I could boldly go where ever I needed or wanted to go trusting that God is sovereign over all things. We all have to die sometime. I won't waste the time that I have living in fear.

Instapundit has plenty of info on the bombings.
Wizbang has info as well.
La Shawn is blogging about the bombings.
Jihad Watch
Terrorism Unveiled
Up date: Tim Blair has several posts this is the latest.

Fox News and MSNBC are reporting on it as well.

Up date: Jihad Watch has several more posts up about the bombings including this telling collection of comment from Muslim websites.


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