On Garry Ezzo

Tulip Girl has a round up of posts from Ezzo Week. It has apparently railed up at least one Ezzo supporter who takes issue with her critique of Ezzo and her rounding up of other posts doing the same. Tulip Girl has been extremely gracious in her responses. She also has a three part series on evaluating Ezzo:

Evaluating Ezzo's Leadership, Part 1: Why Bother?
Evaluating Ezzo's Leadership, Part 2: Church Discipline
Evaluating Ezzo's Leadership, Part 3: Other Concerning Patterns

As for me, I don't care for Ezzo and his methods. I like the way that Christine at Welcome to My Brain put it, "God is Wise - Gary Ezzo ... not so much!" My rule of thumb, if anybody comes to you with a sure fire way to make your children godly, polite, perfect, or whatever the ideal you desire is, RUN THE OTHER WAY AS FAST AS YOU CAN!!! I've heard people say that there are some good things in the various repackagings of Ezzo's teachings. But all of that good stuff you can learn from other moms during an afternoon at the park or at a well child check from your pediatrician. The rest is bunk. Save yourself some money and find some other moms to talk to. And trust your instincts.

The website Ezzo.info has lots of information on Ezzo including links to some pro-Ezzo sites. Awareparent.net is also a good place to take part in discussions about Ezzo.

And one last note about scheduled feedings and what not. I find that clock watching to time feedings and naps is more trouble than it's worth. Just following baby's cues and letting baby establish his/her own routine makes life a whole lot easier. With my first child I was always watching the clock to see how much time he spent nursing and how long he went between feedings. I was a slave to the clock. With my second child I did a little less clock watching. Now with my third child I didn't bother with the clock at all. She settled herself into a predictable rhythm and all of the time I used to spend watching the clock I spend sleeping or enjoying the company of my children.


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