Policy shmolicy

Instapundit has a link to the transcript of John Howard's answer to the reported asking if Blair felt responsible for the bombings because of British policy. Howard's remark is even more damning than I first thought (I was distracted by the kids.) Also a link to a photo essay of some of Al Qaeda's handiwork long before Iraq. The Anchoress says,
Tell us some more how terrorists are only responding to regime change in Iraq, and how if only we would obey the "insurgents" there and leave Iraq, all of this would end. Tell us that some more, Mr. Galloway, tell us that some more, ladies and gentlemen of the press. Tell us all about it you tired, phoney, so-called intellectuals and sophisticates. Tell us how terror that has existed for decades is all the fault of George W. Bush and his poodles Tony Blair and John Howard.


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