What would Jesus...?

This is the post I promised to do here.

Now, what would Jesus eat, what would Jesus drive, what would Jesus...? I think we've gone a bit over board with the "what would Jesus..." craze. I read the book What Would Jesus Do? when I was in college. If memory serves me correctly the book was a tale of some turn of the (last) century folk counting the cost of what it meant for them to be followers of Christ. For one it meant not publishing his paper on Sundays and accepting the loss of revenue that came from that decision. For others we were left hanging to decide for ourselves what we would do in their shoes. Some found that they did not want to pay the price of being a follower of Christ at all.

The various "what would Jesus..." fads that are popping up all over the place completely miss this point. People need to be asking what did Jesus do? The son of God consented to don mortal flesh. He willingly sacrificed his life to pay our debts, debts that we had no hope of paying on our own. He submitted himself to torture and an ignoble death for our benefit knowing full well that we would scorn him for it. He rose from the dead to be an advocate on our behalf at the final judgment. Now in light of all of that, doesn't it seem a bit lame to be asking, what would Jesus drive or what would Jesus eat?


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