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Friday round up

I've been too busy/hot/tired/lazy to really get worked up enough to blog about anything much this week. Then I nearly chopped a finger off making dinner last night (nothing really serious but man it hurts) so I'm now down to nine fingers on the keyboard. A lot of things have caught my eye this week but I didn't get worked up enough about them to write a whole post. Here they are in no particular order.

  • PETA Protest. Do I really need to say anything else? But you've got to see this.

  • Big Churches Use Technology to Branch Out " Some American congregations have grown so large in recent years that they could pass for small cities.[snip]

    Now some mega-churches are trying to reverse the trend by creating smaller satellite "campuses."

    When I heard this on the radio on Sunday I thought, oh good they're finally catching on that bigger isn't better and instead of forming these mega-churches they are going back to smaller community churches. No such luck. Instead these churches are taping their services to be played at other churches. Umm, no thank you. Whatever happened to training competent pastors/elders and sending them off with some people to plant a church and minister to a neighbourhood?

  • There are a couple of new black conservative groups on the political block.
    Check them out.

  • When male brain meets male brain. From the purveyor of the extreme male brain theory of autism. You know, sometimes having a disorder become more well known is a two edged sword. Yeah you get better care and more attention from people with money to fund research but then you end up with all kinds of characters putting out all kinds of theories trying to get some of that research money. And you have to listen to someone insist on national television that it was the mercury in the canned tuna she ate while pregnant that gave her boys autism.

  • World Magazine Blog has a new look and a new dude in charge. Perhaps I'll begin visiting again.

  • Tucker Carlson's MSNBC show The Situation has been moved to 11:00 PM. What gives? I've got three kids I can't stay up that late. Now there's nothing good to watch at 9 o'clock (except on Fridays on the Sci Fi channel).

  • That's all I can remember right now. May add more later.

    Update: I knew I was forgetting something.
  • Messy Christian takes on the big M part 1 and part 2.

  • New find
  • Gad(d)about blogs about Drums in worship. Apparently some people still think drums are bad. Whatever.
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