Why ask why? The sequel

A couple of weeks back I blogged about speculating about reasons why God allows unpleasant things to happen in people's lives. I don't see the point in that kind of thing. Well, God, in his infinite wisdom (and some might say twisted sense of humor), has brought me to a place where I am wondering why. Why as in why am I here and what actions am I supposed to take.

As I face a difficult situation in my life that is not going away anytime soon (sometimes I think of it as my version of the thorn in Paul's side) I'm trying to fathom what the most godly response would be. Do I have the strength to make that choice? A good part of the Christian life, all of it actually, is sanctification. Sanctification, the process of being made holy and developing a godly character (yes I know there's more to it than that but this is not a treatise on sanctification, all of you amateur theologians can back off your keyboards). It is not easy. It is often not pretty. It requires each of us to make the choice to honour God at each step in the process. Each choice (good or bad) teaches us about ourselves and reveals God's glory.

So I wonder, what is the choice that I must now make? What is it that I am to learn from this situation? How do I most honour God from where I now stand? I can see many choices (the easier choices) that would dishonour God but I can not yet fathom the honourable ones. I wish this cup would pass from me but life doesn't come with an easy button that lets you skip the difficulties.

Maybe I'm just being melodramatic and things really aren't that bad but it's hard to say from where I'm standing now. Maybe I'll have some answers in 10 or 20 years. Or maybe I'll have to wait until after judgment day.


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