Last hurricane post: Hindsight

Every time I hear some one talking about Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita this song starts playing in my head.
© 2000 Kerygmatic Music
From Collector's Sedition Volume I

The blunders and the oversight
Could turn the brightest day to night
Can't grapple with reality, our grasp is way too slippery
We bit the hand that always fed
Turned out the light and went to bed
We made our share of bad mistakes
Then threw away the decent breaks

You might say it's just bad luck, but it's much worse than you think
If we could do it over, we could turn back from the brink

Hindsight, everything is clear in hindsight
Twenty twenty
Hindsight, we could be so wise in hindsight
Looking back I can see, everything in focus

The opportunities have gone, the warning light is always on
We missed the boat it left the port
We never got our day in court

It vanished right before our eyes, they really brought us down to size
We took the bait, we paid the fine We signed above the dotted line
There's one born every minute, and I guess we fit the bill
If I could turn the clock back, I'd take that bitter pill

I know, I know, it sound more like they're talking about a bad record deal or something. But it doesn't take much imagination to see Nagin or Blanco say it to themselves (at least I hope they would be saying it to themselves).


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