NYC subway threat blogging

So the saga unfolds. Penn Station was closed for a while because of suspicious packages which turned out to be a soda bottle a bag of trash.

Bloomberg Defends Terror Threat Decision. Face it dude, you're an elected public official, in New York City of all places, for some people you can't do anything right. But I'm curious about just what it would take for us to go to red alert (cue the Star Trek red alert klaxon!).

La Shawn's not particularly impressed by the response of the feds. Can't say I blame her. The whole "it's a credible threat, no it's not, yes it is, no it isn't, is, isn't, is, isn't" dance just doesn't look good. I know there's some butt covering going on here but can we at least keep it out of the press until after the situation is resolved?


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