NYC subway threat a hoax?

New York City Subway Threat: Fabricated Fear

NBC: Too early to call subway threat a hoax

It may or may not have been a hoax but the NYPD needs to be paranoid enough to think that it could happen at any given moment. It's funny that at the same time that New York City officials were being critised for over reacting they were also being critised for not acting sooner (officials had known about it for a few days before they said anything to the public). I'm still not too pleased with the federal officials for leaving those in NYC to twist in the wind. So the feds weren't totally convinced that the threat was credible. The least they could have done was say that they were working to confirm the threat but NYC couldn't afford to take any chances with people's safety. Yeah it's all spin and we would have seen throw it instantly but they could have at least tried to put up a unified front.


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