Parents of unbelieving children

At my church's women's retreat a few weeks back one of the women prayed for the parents of unbelieving children. As my mind wandered off to think about the Christians I know who have children that are not believers I came up against the sobering fact that I am a parent of unbelieving children.

My children are young (4,3, and 1). They go to church because they have no other choice. They pray and sing songs because we make them. They sit in Sunday school and listen to the lessons because they have no other option. At this point they don't know God from Adam. Being cute and cuddly doesn't count for much towards salvation.

I have no guarantee that they will choose to pursue a relationship with God when they are aware enough to make that kind of choice. All I can do for them in that regard is to try to model a healthy relationship with God for them, pray (like their lives depend on it because they do), and trust that God will some day answer my prayers.

The burden of being a parent just got a little bit heavier.


  1. I've an idea, why not accept them whatever they end up believing. Whether it's your faith or some other faith or no faith at all. That they chose freely should be our primary concern. You pretty much have to respect their beliefs if you want them to respect your beliefs in return.

    Joe Bigliogo


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