A Day in the Garden

I just spent the entire morning gardening in the front yard. I woke up at 7:20 AM and before 7:30 AM I was outside. There was frost on the grass but I bundled up and went out anyway. I had to get my bulbs in the ground before it froze solid. I had told myself that I wasn't going to put any money into buying bulbs this year. Then I went to Walmart and saw tulip bulbs selling at $10 for 50 and I was lost. I bought a whole mess of bulbs then went and got injured before I could plant them all.

I'd already planted more of the lilies that I had been coveting during the summer before I got hurt. Today I had to plant the 50 tulips (a purple and white mix) I bought along with 15 dutch irises (Eye of the Tiger), 12 giant hyacinths (mixed colours), and 6 aliums (purple). I gave up and came inside before I got to the aliums but everything else made it into the ground. I also dug up some jerusalem artichokes. They are a very delicious (and invasive, don't plant them anywhere near anything else in your garden) relative of the sunflower. You cook them the same ways you do potatoes. I also divided a few perennials (meaning, I accidentally dug some up and whacked some bits off of others).

Now I've crashed on the couch with my aching feet, hands, and back. Come spring I'll have to post pictures of my new plantings.


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