I'm so blue hoo hoo blue hoo hoo blue hoo hoo hoo!

Watching the returns for our local elections I realise that we live in a very blue district in a very red county with a bit of green around the gills. There are always some candidates from the Green party on the ballots (I even know a former Green party candidate, nice family guy). All of the university types tend to skew the numbers in our neighbourhood.

The Republican challenger is in a dead heat with the Democratic incumbent. No incumbent, Democrat or Republican, has ever lost a re-election bid in this city. The Democrats apparently thought they had this thing in the bag and are a bit chagrined. I'm tempted to sit up and watch the returns coverage but the race probably won't be decided tonight.

Update 10:33 PM EST: Looks like the mayoral race may be decided tonight after all. The Demeocratic candidate has 50% of the vote with 100% of precincts reporting to the Republican 46%. The Green party has 5%. There's always absentee ballots and what not.


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