Is France still burning?

Really, is France still on fire? If it is it seems not to be news anymore. After more than two straight weeks of hearing report after report about how the rioting in France hadn't spread into the cities I finally began to understand the lackadaisical attitude of the French towards their country burning. All of the burning and what not was going on in the suburbs you see. The suburbs, the French version of the American ghetto where the poor and unimportant folk live. If those places are in flames and chaos no sweat. The city centers though, that's a different story. That's where the privileged and important folk live. Those places are to be protected at all costs I bet. So long as the city centers do not burn every thing seems to be okay for the French.

France After The Riots discusses the French response to the riots (I keep wanting to say the piss poor French response but I'm trying to be nice).


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