Some autism articles

Australian study explains autism problems [10/24]
(Via I Speak of Dreams.)

Move closer to schizophrenia, autism cures [10/6]
More and more research points to autism being a genetic disorder that essentially results in the brain being cross wired. How exactly would you cure that? I think "cure" is the wrong word to use when talking about autism.

Study: Training improves attention in kids [9/27]

The Age of Autism: Gene suspects located [8/3]

Autism in women largely undiagnosed [6/29]
I can see how an autistic fixation on cleaning house or caring for children can be mistaken for a normal mothering nature. This article proposes the intriguing theory that disorders such as anorexia may result from an autistic fixation with counting calories.

American Journal of Human Genetics lists over 100 articles on research into the genetics of autism. You can read the abstracts for free but paid subscription is required to view the full articles. It's all rather technical but my plain English translation of it all is that there are several groups of genes that code for certain neural connections and chemicals. When things go awry with any combination of said genes the result is a wide expression of autistic behaviors. That's the bare bones of it any way.


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