Baldilocks on "Marshal Law"

"Certain aspects of life apply themselves easily to mathematical principles. Let 'A' equal riding as a passenger on a major airline after 9/11 while suffering from a treatable a mental condition. When one does this and adds both of the following conditions,

B. Not taking your meds when you know that you're crazy without them
C. Not ensuring that your spouse takes his meds when you know that he's crazy without them

then A+B+C can equal 'D': a dead passenger.

As an aside, one wonders whether any bi-polar passengers of the tightly secure El Al Airlines ever forget their meds. It's amazing what doesn't happen when you know that you'll get capped for acting crazy."

Can't argue with that. So after this everyone will carry clearly marked extra supplies of their meds on their person at all times when they fly right? And everyone will make sure to take every dose on time right? Still, I wish someone would come out and announce that this was all just a drill and no one was really hurt.


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