My one and only NYC Transit Strike post...

Ok, so I finally made it to work at 10:20am this morning...

Am I mad at the transit workers... nah... but the MTA leaders, government officials and Union leaders are on my hit list right about now.

My advice to them is to stop acting like school yard bullies and get on with the business of resolving the contract issues.

Governor Pataki noted this morning that the policemen, firemen, and teachers of New York City all continued to work even though they had no contract for 2-3 years (and in some cases still do not), and that the transit workers should have done the same. I wonder if I am the only person who sees a problem with the fact that these people have been working for years with no contract. What does that say about New York as a city if it is par for the course that city workers are often treated so shabily?

So it is now 1:17pm and the most pressing question on my mind is the commute home. I belive that my fellow Queens bound co-workers and I will cab pool to the home of the person who lives the closest, then she will drive us to our final destinations. Thank God for good people.

(P.S. does anyone know if the constitutionality of the Taylor Law, which says that it is illegal to go on strike, has ever been challenged?)

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