My one and only Tookie post

Stanely "Tookie" Williams was executed in the wee hours of this morning while I slept safe and snug in my warm bed. Upon hearing the news of his execution this morning my feelings were a bit conflicted. I was glad that a convicted criminal had been made to pay for his crimes. Justice had been served. But my heart also ached at the loss of this criminal's life. Though he chose to do evil he was created in the image of God and loved by God. So were the four people whose lives Williams took. So were those whose lives were ended or ruined by the evil that Mr. Williams chose to do. Their blood is on his hands.

Shay of Booker Rising has some choice words for those who act as if the execution of Williams was as heinous as the crimes he was executed for committing in The Tookie "Why Did He Have To Dieeeee" Roundup.
I was already angry at hearing Rev. Jesse Jackson last night compare Stanley Tookie Williams to Malcolm X and Nelson Mandela. Now I'm pissed off. My angry response to Europe's white liberals: Of course, Europe's white liberals conveniently forget the four Asian and white people whom Williams murdered in cold blood (here are the post-mortem photos...warning: they are graphic). The thousands of black folks who were killed by the gang that Tookie Williams co-founded back in the day. Let's not forget the hundreds of thousands of black folks held hostage in their communities, in Los Angeles alone. Where is your heart for these multicultural victims? Are you gonna keep them in your memory? Have you no shame? Here are testimonies from four black folks who actually grew up in South Central L.A. during Tookie's reign of terror (and one still lives in the area in its aftermath, and puts a verbal smackdown on a white liberal apologist for Tookie Williams). I suggest you read and learn about the pain that this man caused to the four murdered victims and to Black America at large.


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