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New York State GOP

I've long thought that the Republican party in New York state was a bit pitiful. Unable to field strong candidates for local elections or give them good support. Now I think they are a bunch of cannibals as well. After public announcement of Jeanine Pirro's candidacy for Hillary Clinton's Senate seat members of the Republican party are now calling for Jeanine Pirro to run for state Attorney General instead.
Weld Wins GOP Straw Poll For Governor (12/13/05)
"At the same meeting, the GOP chairmen recommended Jeanine Pirro give up her campaign against US Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton (D, NY) and run for attorney general instead. Pirro said she was still a Senate candidate."

Way to support a fellow party member guys. These efforts to scuttle Jeanine Pirro's US Senate bid are being lead by Joseph Bruno of the state senate, Bruno Backs Pirro...For AG (11/29/05). Some Republicans aren't going for it.

G.O.P. Dispute Over Pirro's Bid Grows Fiercer
"Searing divisions among New York Republicans deepened yesterday as a growing number urged Jeanine F. Pirro to drop her bid to unseat Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton. Concerns also emerged that departing Gov. George E. Pataki was no longer able to unify the party.

On a day of rapidly developing events, more Republicans joined what appeared to be a mounting effort, led in part by Joseph L. Bruno, the State Senate's majority leader, to press Ms. Pirro to run for state attorney general instead. But other Republicans warned that any switch by Ms. Pirro might alienate some county leaders who could retaliate by working against her."

Bruno by the way supports Tom Golisano as the Republican candidate for governor. Golisano ran a very repulsive campaign, paid for with his own money, against current governor George Pataki in the 2002 gubernatorial race.

Bruno's machinations are said to be an effort to maintain Republican control of the New York Senate.
Bruno's new clout: Senator not Pirro's hero (12/04/05)
"Rep. Peter King (R-Nassau) said Bruno is struggling to ensure the New York Senate doesn't slip into Democratic control: 'The only real strength the Republican Party has statewide now is the Senate, and Joe Bruno realizes we have to keep that at all costs,' King said."

I don't see how turning on members of your own party, when it is already struggling, is going to accomplish that goal. Some seem to think that Bruno's methods are just what the New York state GOP needs (BRUNO FOR THE GOP). We'll see how well this ship sails with so much of its crew at each other's throats.

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