Snow day!

No school today thanks to the collision of two moisture laden low pressure systems right above our heads. Hubby went out at 8:30 AM or so 8:54 AM (so says the time stamp on the first pic on the camera) to shovel snow and just came back in. There's a lot of ice underneath the snow. Hubby cleaned the car off and chiseled it out of the ice so we won't have as much work to do later if we want to go somewhere. That's assuming of course that we can make it out of our driveway. It doesn't look like there's been a plow down our street yet. Anyway, there'll be pictures up shortly here are some pictures.

Hubby standing in the snow outside our basement door. Posted by Picasa

Hubby down on the sidewalk as a minivan inches down the street. Posted by Picasa

This is the Zelkova at the end of our front walkway. It's a memeber of the Elm family. (Learn more about the species here.) There are some really impressive specimens at the Brooklyn Botanical GardenPosted by Picasa


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