Thankful Thursday

From the land of dial up I am thankful for/that:
  1. The kids get to hang out with grandma and grandpa.

  2. Having the baby feed me some of her french fries.

  3. The above mentioned french fries weren't soggy and slimy (turning down the proffered french fries was not an option).

  4. Time spent with old friends.

  5. Being able to sleep in.

  6. Having someone else to deal with the kids and their shenanigans for a few hours. I must confess a certain amount of satisfaction at watching others be frustrated by the kids.

  7. Homemade food that I didn't have to cook.

  8. Getting to watch the kids try to dress each other. Okay, so it was just Ethan trying to put hubby's shoes on Isaiah (who wasn't cooperating) but it was cute.

  9. The look on the kids faces when the saw the Christmas tree that hubby and I had stayed up late decorating on Christmas eve. I discovered that hubby is a good tree decorator.

  10. We get to do Christmas at home next year.

  11. Warm weather here in the land of dial up. It's like spring time down here. I haven't worn my cold weather coat since I got here.

  12. The kids in goofy Christmas hats bought for them by the grandparents at Christmas Village.

  13. Sticky red peppermint scented smiles and flavoured kisses.

What are you thankful for?


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