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Somali Mothers in U.S. Want to Send Wayward Sons Home
Some Somali mothers in Rochester, Minn., want to send their teenage sons, who they say are selling drugs and running foul of the law, back to Somalia. It's an extreme measure, but one that the moms feel they need to take. For the past decade many Somali families have immigrated to Minnesota, and in many cases fathers are largely absent.

I've had a few unruly relatives sent packing to get them out of the clutches of some unsavory elements so I can understand the reasoning of these women. I've even had a few relatives that I wished would be sent back until they got some sense. These women didn't go through all that they went through to get to the US just to have their children, their future, get taken from them by a life of crime. So they send them back home where life isn't so easy so the kids don't have time to act up and where they can be under the watchful eyes of relatives from the old school. Most kids get the message to straighten up and fly right but some find trouble where ever they go. Those who always find trouble usually end up being mourned before their time but the rest come back to a brighter future with their families.

When you consider the alternative it doesn't really seem that extreme.


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