Tag, I'm it

Some wretched virus has caught up with hubby and I. Hubby's going around coughing and moaning a lot but he doesn't seem willing to slow down at all. Lucky for him most of his work can be done sitting down. I on the other hand am not so lucky. There's really no way to do laundry, dishes, dress the kids, or wait with the boys for the school bus while curled in the fetal position shivering. I dosed myself up with DayQuil first thing this morning but it doesn't do anything for the fatigue I'm feeling.

But this is the best I've ever felt while sick. The sore throat that I felt descending on me early Saturday morning has already started to go away (honey and lime juice in hot water is way better than any sore throat lozenge). I don't have that much of a cough and I'm not as congested as I thought I would be. My head does hurt when the drugs wear off and going to bed at eight o'clock at night doesn't seem to be doing much for my fatigue.

All this is to say that blogging will be sparse until I start feeling better. Although I may have some spare time to read blogs I think I'm a bit too fuzzy headed to blog anything myself.


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