Thankful Thursday

I have this bad habbit of loosing track of the days of the week. Anyway, for my 801st post I am thankful for/that:
  1. Life.

  2. The opportunity to blog.

  3. The potty training tactic of relieving Ethan of his underwear after school seems to be working. We've got to sit with him in the bathroom to make sure he doesn't wonder off and secure a pair of underwear for himself though.

  4. Unseasonably warm weather. It's like spring here! Almost all of the snow and ice on the ground has melted. The ice mountains piled in the parking lots are still here though.

  5. Our windows are being repaired as I type. It should cut down on the chill of the downstairs.

  6. The stack of Christmas cards in our mail when hubby collected it from the post office.

  7. Cute kids, who are way too smart for my own good but at least they make life interesting.

  8. The television broke but it broke in such a way that we can put off getting a new one for a good while.

What are you thankful for?


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