Conversations with the kids

Friday night
Me: [to Ethan while he is drawing on a piece of paper] Ethan what is that? Is that the letter D? [It was a square]
Sophia: Dee oh gee! Gog! [She bobbed up and down with excitement as she said this]
Me: [thinking, are kids this age (16 months) supposed to be able to spell?] Good job Sophia! You spelled dog!

She spent the rest of the weekend spelling the word dog and improving her pronunciation. She also tried to write it on the chalk board. She doesn't know how to write yet though.

Hubby: [to Isaiah before putting him to bed] Say sorry to you sister for knocking her over those last 15 times.
Isaiah: (garbled) I sorry. (garbled) I sorry. (garbled) I sorry.
Hubby: [surprised that Isaiah actually responded] Good job Isaiah! [to me] Where did he get that from?
Me: [completely awed by the fact that Isaiah actually said something that we could understand and that it was an appropriate response to a verbal command] I have no idea. [to Isaiah] Good job buddy!


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