Believe it or not...

Spring is coming. This is winter aconite, one of the earliest blooming of spring flowers. I caught sight of these yellow blooms at the end of the driveway on my way to the grocery store yesterday morning. When I finally got out to take a picture of it today it was snowing and the sun was shining at the same time. The last few days have been very warm. We slept with the windows open last night. But today winter seems back for one last hurrah. The snow is falling and accumulating as I type. I snapped a few more pictures today and they'll be up at my picture blog sometime before midnight. Update 10:15 PM Blogger is misbehaving and it's past my bedtime so those pictures won't be up until tomorrow or until the problem with Blogger is fixed, which ever comes first.

Update 31/15/06 7:08 PM Okay the pictures are up now.


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