Chavez and his citizen army

So Hugo Chavez thinks that the US cares enough about his little dictatorship to invade Venezuela.
Venezuela Prepares Military for the Possibility of a U.S. Invasion
by Lourdes Garcia-Navarro

Morning Edition, April 3, 2006 Venezuela has begun to train military reservists based on lessons from the war in Iraq. President Hugo Chavez has been warning Venezuelans that there is a possibility the United States will invade their country. U.S. officials have repeatedly tried to dismiss these fears.

A lot of people are probably going to die in Venezuela and it won't be because the US invades. I expect people will start disappearing soon because they were believed to be US sympathizers or spies (if it hasn't been happening already).

It's interesting that Chavez claims to be training his citizens in the tactics that have been so successful against the US in Iraq. Everybody knows those "insurgents" are kicking our butts all over the desert. We hear it on the news every day. We read it in the papers all of the time. It must be true that we're loosing the war right? Chavez knows we're loosing and when we go to invade his country he'll take us out just like the "insurgents" are doing in Iraq now. Right.

Chavez also holds up the Vietnam War as an example of how weak willed the US is. Make of that what you will.


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