If you build it they will come

For years now I've been saying that one of the best ways to help revitalize Syracuse's downtown is to build a grocery store there. Well it seems like the people with the money finally listened.
Solving the Downtown Grocery Challenge
by Matt Hackworth

Morning Edition, March 31, 2006 One major challenge facing cities hoping to bring residents back to their downtowns is the lack of a grocery store. One Syracuse developer, and former Walt Disney executive, just opened an upscale urban grocery. He thinks that he has the solution for making money in an unproven market. Matt Hackworth of member station WAER reports.

This is a much better idea than building the super mall that's been in the works since before I came to this city more than 10 years ago.

Now if they could just work out the parking situation, correct the traffic flow problems (several blocks of one way streets all going one way in the same direction just is not conducive to bringing people downtown), and get some real public transportation (I can walk to a lot of places faster than the bus would ever get me there) things will really be on the up and up for Syracuse's downtown.


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