After the illegal immigration protests

Alright, so you've had your protest demanding that you be given what others wait years for and spend thousands of dollars to get (the legal right to enter the US and US citizenship). Now what? You haven't convinced me that you deserve amnesty or citizenship. You have convinced me of your unwillingness to face the consequences of your actions.

Law makers ought to take note of this:

Virginia Town Council Unseated Over Immigrant Center Concerns
More on Herndon, Virginia

The rank unfairness of demanding amnesty and citizenship after living in the US illegally still burns in my mind. The rank unfairness of demanding such special treatment while others who choose the legal road languish trapped in bureaucratic red tape still burns in my mind. The hassles that I and my family went through to gain our citizenship (after legal permanent residency) still burn in my mind. (Perhaps I'll get my sister to tell you about her naturalization experience, it involved a typo.) And we had the added advantage of having English as our native language.

If law makers want to reform immigration they might want to start with the permanent residency and naturalization processes.

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