Quit complaining

ABC Says Reporters' Calls Are Tracked by Government

by Mary Louise Kelly

Morning Edition, May 17, 2006 ABC News reports that the government is tracking two of its reporters' phone calls. The FBI says the ABC report is misleading and has nothing to do with the current debate on the National Security Agency's domestic activities.

I'm having a hard time feeling any sympathy for reporters on this. If reporters want to broadcast state secrets far and wide they ought to expect increased scrutiny from the state. Don't go complaining when, after reporting what was leaked to you, the government starts keeping tabs on you. It comes with the territory. Frankly I'd be more concerned if they didn't.

I haven't got any sympathy for their sources who are now under increased scrutiny as well either. They are breaking the law and what not after all. If the information is really that important I would think the sources would be willing to take on the risks of getting it out. Reporters ought to be willing to take on the risks involved with reporting leaked information. For the sake of the truth and all you know.


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