Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for/that:
  1. The cold front that came into town last night dropping temperatures into the mid 70s.

  2. A yard to plant things in and for the kids to play in.

  3. Me: (speaking to Sophia) What's that? (pointing to the object in her hand)
    Sophia: (after turning the object rightside up and rightside front) Iss a newmer sick!

  4. Me or Hubby: Isaiah what does Cookie Monster say?
    Isaiah: C ih oh cooie, ah goo eough oh me! C ih oh cooie, ah goo eough oh me! Oooooh cooie cooie cooie aht wi C! (sometimes followed by a big grin depending on the mood he's in.)

    I guess the message that cookies are a sometimes food hasn't filtered down to Isaiah yet. He seems to have trouble with consonant sounds but he's slowly getting better. We've seen him dancing the Cookie Monster doll around while singing this too.

  5. Ethan: May I have more please?

    This was the totally unprompted and unexpected response I got last night every time I stopped tickling Ethan. I had responded with more tickling a few times before I realised that he had actually asked with words to be tickled.

  6. Having a back up internet browser to use when the main one goes haywire.

What are you thankful for?


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