War humor

I got in the car today just in time to hear this broadcast:
'Axis of Evil' Comedy, on Tour

Three stand-up comedians with roots in the Middle East are performing across America on the "Axis of Evil Comedy Tour."

Egyptian-American Ahmed Ahmed, Iranian-American Maz Jobrani and Palestinian-American Aron Kader talk to Robert Siegel about the challenges of humor during times of war -- and their favorite air marshal joke.

Ahmed says he always know [sic] who the air marshal is on a flight: "It's the guy who's reading People magazine upside down and is looking right at me."

They were indeed funny. The best comment came at the end when Mr. Jobrani said, "The reason I criticize the government here is because we can....We have freedom of speech. I could not make fun of the President of Iran in Iran."

Long live the land of the free and the home of the brave.


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