Goodbye Steve Irwin

I heard it on the radio this morning, Steve Irwin is dead. Every time I sat still today I started to get a little misty eyed over the news. I'm still having a hard time believing it now more than 12 hours after first hearing of Steve Irwin's demise.

It seems Steve died doing what he loved, getting up close and personal with creatures the rest of us wouldn't dare to go near. He was an entertaining and passionate advocate for wildlife. When I watched his shows I often shook my head at the sheer madness of what he did. I kept watching because he seemed to have a genuine enthusiasm for the creatures he was encountering. No one else could have pulled it off.

I loved the way Steve kept his wife close by his side so much. It seemed that Terri was a part of his life and shared in his passion. Steve seemed to turn just about everything into a family affair. And everyone was his family. I really admired him for that. Steve Irwin will be missed.

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  1. i used to watch this all the time i did like to see how he used to deal with the animal' i really did enjoy watching his show of how he would interact with the animal's one day while i was working i heard the news i couldn't believe it until i heard it myself so i said to myself like this is the end no more animal planet' sometime after they had a similar show but it didn't last to long' well i heard that his daughter bindi is following his foot step i will be looking forward to it i hope i would know when that would be i would just sit back & see when this is going to happen.


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