Saturday we took the kids to the local science museum with hubby's parents. Wandering around the museum reminded me of the vastness and the marvel of creation. There's more to creation than just our little blue planet spinning in the darkness of space.

There are thousands of galaxies out there beyond our own.

It's a real mind bender to think of it all. But we don't have to go so far from home to see such amazing works of God. Stellar quakes and our own Milky Way galaxy are awesome sights to behold.

It all makes you feel very small and very grateful that God bothers with us at all when he can create something as magnificent as this.

The geology exhibits added another layer of wonder to the experience. For as vast and amazing as the universe is our little blue rock is a marvel all in itself. Continental drift, plate tectonics, volcanism, weather. Just walk out into your backyard and I'm sure you'll find something to amaze you. We are surrounded on every side by the wonders of God. We will probably never understand a quarter of any of it. That didn't stop me from pulling out some geology books yesterday to brush on my earth sciences.

All of this is a long winded way of saying that I think every Christian should take it upon themselves to learn more about the marvels of creation.


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