Thankful Thursday

I'm a day late but, today I'm thankful for/that:
  1. Knitting. I thought about knitting a sweater that says, "I'd rather be knitting" because it's been true for the last few months. I think I'll have to settle for a t-shirt, knitting a sweater would take more time than I have right now.

  2. The gift of a bag full of knitting paraphernalia. A friend recently gave me some of her deceased mother's knitting gear. I'm currently endeavoring to use them skillfully.

  3. Me: (after receiving a requested hug) Did you just wipe your nose in me?!
    Ethan: Yeah! (sounding like I'd just asked him if he wanted a cookie.)

  4. We've found a full day pre-school program for Isaiah. Now we have to wait a month or two for the bureaucratic juggernaut to say he can go.

What are you thankful for?


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