Thankful Thursday

Today I'm feeling rather miserable with a cold and it sounds like Isaiah is coming down with one too. Still I am thankful for/that:
  1. Sophia seems to be fully recovered from her battle with the stomach bug. She got over it in about 12 hours. Hubby wasn't so lucky.

  2. Hubby seems to be finally recovering from his battle with the stomach bug.

  3. The stomach bug doesn't seem to have spread to the rest of us yet.

  4. I got to spend most of the day in bed resting.

  5. The little boy who walks by the house on his way to school every morning said of Ethan, "He's very kind." He was a nice contrast to the two kids who kept complaining, at the top of their lungs, that Ethan was following them around the play ground.

  6. Ethan enjoyed himself at the play ground despite the two noisy kids complaining about him following them to the swings.

  7. Isaiah has had a great first week at his new school. He's much more of a morning person than I am and has been awake and waiting for me every morning so far this week.

  8. Isaiah has willingly gone to bed every night this week.

What are you thankful for?


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