Winter's here

They call it lake effect and it totally caught me off guard on Monday. After the mild weather we'd been having lately I wasn't ready for the sudden turn about to winter. The first warning should have been the light dusting of snow on the ground when I woke up that morning. It was icy cold when I took Isaiah out to the bus. But by the time I took Ethan out the sun had cleared the tops of the neighhbours' houses and it had warmed up a few degrees. Later I decided to walk down to Ethan's school for the classroom observation I had arranged for that day. It started snowing around mid-morning and I began to regret not driving over to the school. The kids went out to play just before lunch. They were all excited by the "blizzard" as one kindergartener called it but the grown-ups were eager to hurry back inside. The kids were running all over the place shouting, trying to make snowballs, and trying to catch snowflakes on their tongues. Ethan came back with his back all covered in snow. I suspect he was making snow angels somewhere on the play ground. Mercifully we were only outside for a sort while before the kids had to go in for lunch. I was saved from the folly of not checking the weather report before I left the house by Ethan's special ed teacher who gave me a ride home during nap time after lunch.

Today it is ice cold and windy with lots of snow. Ethan had a ball making snow angels on the front lawn and Isaiah and Sophia love making tracks and eating the snow.


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