It's cold

I haven't done a weather post in a little while so here goes. Doesn't look like there's much going on around here does it?

But check out the satellite map.

Behold the power lake effect. We're recording snowfall in feet 'round these parts now. Warming trends put the temperature into the 10s and 20s (wind chill makes it feel like 1s and 10s). We're due to warm up to almost freezing sometime tomorrow with 10 to 20mph winds.

That slightly brown bump on the map below immediately south of Watertown and east of I81 is the Tug Hill Plateau. Also known as the snow belt. They've gotten the worst of the snow so far.

It's a good thing that the winter has been so mild until now. If we had had to endure this after enduing a more typical October, November, December and the first part of January in addition to the weather we're getting now I'd be really desperate for spring. As it is I'm only a little desperate for spring. Every day it's a little bit brighter at 6:30 AM while I wait for the alarm clock to go off and every 5:00 PM is a little brighter than the one before it.


  1. I'm in western PA, just south of I-80, and we are getting rolled. Wish we had all this snow for deer and bear seasons. Like your blog! I am sort of the unofficial blog checker from sayanything, we get ALOT of commentors through there, and like to checkout anyone who posts a link to their blog. Never know what you'll find out here in the 'sphere. It is always a kick to see blogs I hit in other people's blogrolls, and you got several. A few I never heard of, so I will be trawling more tomorrow. And please feel free to visit sayanything more often, we love it when notstupids come by to play. Hang around awhile and you will see what I mean.

    Later on.

  2. "I'm in western PA, just south of I-80, and we are getting rolled."

    After today's warm up we are due for another deep cold spell that's going to crank up the lake effect machine again. We're going to get buried sometime next week. At least it's already February and this will all be over in another month or two.

    "we love it when notstupids come by to play.

    One of my new favourite saying is, "Google is your friend." If you don't know something it's really easy to find out these days.

    "Hang around awhile and you will see what I mean."

    I've been lurking off and on at Say Anything since sometime in 2004 I think (I loose track of blog time easily). I'm very familiar with many of your regulars. Meaning that I usually just skim over their stuff to get at the more intelligent stuff.


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